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What is Relationship Marketing?

5 . 15 . 2018

You may or may not have heard the term relationship marketing going around. And how it’s the new way to reach your clients and get more repeat customers and business referrals. The interesting part about relationship marketing is that it’s not new at all! It actually uses traditional marketing methods that have been used for many years already. Let’s break down exactly what relationship marketing is!

What is relationship marketing?

Relationship marketing is the principle that business is built on relationships. And to build a business you have to nurture and appreciate your current clients in order to grow your network to the next level.

The marketing aspect comes into play when you add the follow-up touchpoints. This could be a simple email, phone call, or even a quick coffee meeting. Once business has been acquired, you would send a thank you card or gift to your client in appreciation for their business.

This will typically make your client feel really special and important to you. You value them as a customer and as a person. When you take care of your clients in this way, they are more likely to send you referrals and of course, come back to you when they need your services rather than scoping out competitors!

I’m confused haven’t we done this before?

Yes, we have! Nothing about relationship marketing is new other than maybe the platform you use to do it. In traditional relationship marketing business owners typically send handwritten cards and gifts to their clients in order to prompt referrals and repeat business. Nothing about that has changed in the modern-day.

Most business owners will do some sort of follow up with their clients whether that be cards, gifts, emails, and so on.

How is relationship marketing different today?

Today relationship marketing doesn’t have to take a lot of time, effort, or planning. With new technology platforms that allow you to send cards with your own handwriting and signatures that are as simple as sending an email, relationship marketing has never been so simple. And with the ability to add your own photos and totally customize the cards, relationship marketing has never been so personal!

Relationship marketing is a very important aspect to building lasting business relationships. Whether you use a high tech software or the old-fashioned DIY method your customers will love receiving appreciation from you!


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