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Email Marketing

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to connect with your customers and nurture potential customers is through email marketing. Whether you want to redesign your current templates or have no experience with email marketing we can help you get started!

Email Design

An effective email marketing campaign always starts with great design! Creating a layout that will capture the viewers attention quickly before they hit that delete button is key to making your email stand out from all the rest. We can help you design your emails so you increase your return on every campaign.

Email Templates

Perfect for the “DIYer” in every entrepreneur, email templates can get you started with the perfect layouts for your campaigns. We can design and implement email templates in all platforms so you can keep using your favorite software.

Email Automation

Once you start getting leads in your email list it’s important to follow up with those potential customers. Let your email marketing do the work while you focus on the more important aspects of your business. We can help you set up email marketing campaigns that will automatically follow up with abandoned carts, contact inquiries and nurture a relationship with your leads to help you get more customers!

Email Nurture Campaigns

Do you have a lot of leads that just aren’t ready to buy yet? Nurture those leads automatically with email drip campaigns! We can help you set up a flow of automated emails that will be sent out in a strategic sequence. This can help you determine which leads are ready for a phone call or a demo follow up of your product or service.

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