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What is an SSL Security Certificate? And why you need one!

7 . 24 . 2018

You may have been hearing some hoopla lately about Google “punishing” websites that aren’t secure. Well, the time has come and the official word is in! As of July 2018,… [read more]

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Why you should hire a professional to maintain your website

12 . 18 . 2017

When you hire someone to build a website for you, most website developers will give you two options, either you can manage your website yourself after they have done the… [read more]

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5 Tips on how to prevent website hackers on WordPress websites

6 . 25 . 2017

Hackers are the bane of most business owner’s existence, causing massive headaches and even worse thousands of dollars in cleanups. Hackers don’t discriminate when it comes to what type of… [read more]

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