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Why you should hire a professional to manage your social media

10 . 12 . 2021

Social media for business is an interesting concept. Almost no platform was designed with business in mind until businesses started using it to their benefit. At this point in the game, it’s no longer acceptable for small businesses to not have an active social presence. But how do you know you’re being effective on social media and are you posting the right content to attract the right clients? That’s when you start to consider, maybe it’s time to hire a professional to manage your social media. Here’s why you should!

Save Time and Focus on More Important Things

Let’s be honest, social media is TIME-CONSUMING. Between gathering topics, photos, and coming up with the perfect hashtags it can start to become a full-time job. A social media manager can take over the entire social media process from content creation, graphics, scheduling, and responding to messages and comments. This keeps you working on the other pieces of your business like, meeting with clients and fulfilling on other areas that only you can handle.

Remember once you start to scale your business you’ll want to start to delegate most aspects of your business that others can help you with because isn’t the ultimate goal to be lying on the beach while your business creates revenue by itself? Delegating your social media can be the first step to get there.

Implement a More Focused Strategy and Create Consistency

The great part about having a professional manage your social media is they are a totally unbiased outside perspective. They can give you a very methodical strategy to reach, retain and convert your audience. The second important piece to that strategy is consistency. It’s very important you are consistently posting new content on your pages. Having a dead social media profile can make people think you’ve gone out of business and of course, we definitely don’t want that perception!

On top of strategy, it’s important to look back at how you did by analyzing the reports of your pages to create new plans moving forward making your return on investment even higher. A professional social media manager will provide you with reports and recommendations that will help you move your business forward.

Increase Brand Awareness and Engagement

Getting found is the only way to gain business. Whether you do in-person networking, postcards, billboards, or yes social media you have to get in front of people to be found when they need your product or service. The biggest problem with the latest social media algorithms is sometimes, even if you post a lot, it’s very hard to get found. Facebook is especially notorious for not showing your posts to its followers so hiring a professional to manage your social media can help ensure you get the reach your business deserves.

Increase Search Engine Optimization

Yes! Social media does help with search engine optimization. The main way it does this is by increasing the visibility of your content on your website. Social media will help you distribute your quality content to a lot more people than if you just let it sit organically. This can give your blog and website a boost in SEO ranking as more people interact with your website and pages. But if your social media isn’t reaching anyone then you won’t see any return on your efforts. This is another good reason why having a professional will help your content marketing strategy be more effective.

Hand the tech over to the tech people

Sometimes social media technology can be complicated. And it’s completely ok if you aren’t a tech-savvy person. But rather than spinning your wheels trying to figure everything out yourself, it might make sense to hand the reins over to a professional. This also ties back into saving you time! By automating some of the processes in your social media and even tying that into your lead generation funnel you can gain clients and set appointments in your sleep. How awesome is that? Remember, it’s important to stay in your genius zone and capitalize on that rather than trying to save money on marketing.

Make MONEY and gain clients

Let’s be honest, one of the biggest reasons you started your business was to make money so doesn’t it make sense to focus only on activities that actually drive leads and sales? How often have we all had that random person tell you that you need to spend all your time on Instagram and even though you’ve posted every day for the past month you aren’t seeing any results? We’ve ALL been there. But luckily having a professional in your back pocket can ensure you don’t waste your time on activities that won’t drive real results in your business.

Ready to Add a Social Media Manager to Your Team?

Now that you’ve learned some of the basics on why you should hire a professional social media manager you can see how they can be just the thing your business needs to ensure long-term success.

We would love to help you with your social media. Let our team help you get out of your social media rut!

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