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Why you should hire a professional to maintain your website

12 . 18 . 2017

When you hire someone to build a website for you, most website developers will give you two options, either you can manage your website yourself after they have done the initial build or you can hire them to maintain the website going forward. Even if you feel confident that you can manage your own website, here are some drawbacks to keep in mind before deciding to maintain your website on your own.

Save Valuable Time

As a business owner, you should be focusing your time on your business and selling your products and services. Not wasting your time trying to figure out code or how to add content to your website. Hiring an experienced website manager can save you time, and really, we all know time is MONEY.

When you use a website manager you can give them re-occurring tasks that they will accomplish automatically. And whenever you need a change you can simply send them a quick email rather than learn how to use new software.

Protect and Secure Your Website

If you haven’t been hearing about all the security breaches lately, where have you been? Website security and cybersecurity should be a top priority for any business owner in the digital age. When you manage a website yourself you aren’t getting all the security features you might otherwise get when you allow an expert to take over.

For example, most website managers will pull regular backups of your website just in case your website should ever be hacked. Website managers will also update plugins appropriately to prevent hackers from getting in through outdated software. A website manager is also there to monitor your website for suspicious activity, alert you, and fix any security problems should they arise.

I have clients ask me all the time “Why would someone even want to hack my website?”. The answer is, hackers don’t discriminate. They are looking for any information they can get their hands on. This could be something as innocent as your client email list, phone numbers, etc. Even if you aren’t taking credit cards on your website you hold the keys to other valuable information hackers can use to steal someone’s identity or worse.

Hackers can also completely destroy a website by changing or even deleting important files on your server. If you don’t have a backup this can cost thousands of dollars to recover, if it can even be recovered at all!

Having this expert on your side will give you peace of mind that your website and investment is safe and secure.

When Things Do Go Wrong…

Sometimes even if you do everything right, things do go wrong. And when they do you will want to have someone experienced to help you. Even something as simple as updating a plugin can break an entire website. Would you know how to fix that on your own? A website manager will, and they can make sure all updates are done safely so you don’t experience any website downtime.



At Tiffany Cox Design all of our websites include a 30-minute website management training session to allow you to maintain your own website but we also offer a multitude of different maintenance packages to fit your budget and keep your website safe.

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