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Branding, it’s not just your logo

6 . 30 . 2021

Sometimes when we think of branding we only think of visual branding. This is your logo and how you visually represent your business. But branding is so much deeper than that. Branding goes far beyond just the logo you use to represent your business; it’s the feeling you get when you interact with a business. It’s the messaging that you receive when you’re first introduced to a business and it’s the story that makes your business more human. Let’s dive deep into the ways that Branding can help you stand out and attract your ideal client.

Branding is not about you, it’s about your customers

Most people think branding is about what they like and how they want to represent their business. But a lot of times we forget that our customers are very different from who we are and our taste preferences. when creating a brand it’s important to realize your messaging, your visual identity, the colors you choose, the fonts you choose, and the way you present yourself need to appeal to your target market and not necessarily to yourself.

When you create your brand, start with getting into the head of your customer. If you work mainly with women you may want to use softer colors. If you work with high-end executives you may want to use more bold or strong colors to represent leadership. That same psychology goes into what fonts to use. Script fonts typically appeal to women, while bold fonts typically appeal to men. You’ll also want to think about the age range of your target clients. The best way to nail down your target market is to create a client Avatar that lists out your ideal client’s age, gender, personality, interests, and any professional attributes.

Branding is your message.

You could have the most beautiful logo and website in the world, but if the message doesn’t resonate with your audience, you won’t get any clients. It’s important to focus on the client avatar we just talked about when creating your message. Focus on the problem that you solve for your clients. What are their biggest pain points? This can help you start to write your content in a way that’s going to get them to emotionally invest in you and trust you. Fundamentally we are all humans and we all want to be understood. If your content resonates with that person they are more likely to call you instead of your competitors who use generic content.

Branding is your story

Branding is an opportunity for you to tell your story. It’s how you incorporate your “why” into your messaging. Having a passion for your business is so important when resonating with new clients. It makes you seem more human. Remember, people hire people, not corporations. This is also an opportunity to showcase your credibility, your background, your experiences, and your personality. Having a clear Brand Story helps attract the people you want to work with and repel the people you don’t.

And of course, Branding is your visual identity

Even though branding is so much more than your logo, you still need to keep your target market in mind when creating your logo and graphic visuals. Think about how people will perceive your iconography and typography. The color of your brand also holds a lot of meaning. Looking up basic color theory principles can help you choose the right color.

And of course, imagery plays a HUGE role in your brand. Stock photos are great because they are a cheap and easy way to add interest to a space on a flyer or website. But you really should consider investing in branded photography just for your business. Not only does it create a greater personal connection to your business and potential customers it also ensures all the photos on your website are 100% unique to you.

Once you’ve nailed down your visual identity it’s always a great idea to create a brand style guide to keep you consistent. Learn more about brand guides here!


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