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5 Tips to Increase Website Conversion

10 . 4 . 2017

I’m sure if you are like most business owners you are looking for new customers. Most of us rely on our websites to be lead generating machines. But what do you do if your website isn’t producing the results you are looking for? It’s time to make sure your website is set up to increase website conversion.

Making sure your website is conversion friendly is all about making sure your website is easy to understand and navigate. There are a lot of ways to give your user experience an upgrade but here are just 5 ways to increase your website conversion.

Create a clear call to action.

Calls to action are probably the most important part of leading your user through your website. Every website should have a main CTA above the “fold” of the website (the top 400-500 pixels of a website). This call to action should be the MOST IMPORTANT action you’d like your visitors to take. Do you want them to purchase a product? Enroll in a course? Contact you? Tell them to do it right away.

Open your website with a clear title and reason you are the best at what you do, or how you are different. Then ask your user to take action to receive that amazing product or service you just told them about.

The age old adage “ask and you shall receive” holds true here.

Don’t hide your contact information.

There is nothing your customers hate more than having to hunt for your phone number. When they are ready to buy or have questions about your product having to search for your contact information makes your business seem less trustworthy. “Why are they trying to hide their contact information from potential customers? Is it because they have poor customer service?”

Don’t let your potential customers think twice about working with you. Make sure your contact information is easy to find on your website. Always put your phone number toward the top of every page. I like to put the phone number in the header next to the main navigation to make it easy to spot. Also make sure to have a full contact page that is included in the main navigation.

Use color and contrast to influence attention

Color can be your best friend when it comes to increasing your website conversions. Use bright or contrasting colors to grab the eye of your user and help them find your calls to action or other important information.

But remember to use some color theory when selecting the color for your calls to action. Warm tones like red, oranges and yellows are highly effective with creating urgency and commanding attention. But they can also ruin the message you want to get across if your business’ goal is to gain trust with the user.

Rather than using reds you can also use brighter tints of the main color of your website. The brighter color will still capture attention because it’s different but won’t “yell” at your customers to take action. Sometimes it’s best to leave the infomercials on TV!

Use arrows and other directional shapes to lead the user

It’s so easy to forget that sometimes people really do need a huge sign to tell them to “look over here”. That’s where strategic use of arrows or directional shapes can make a great impact on how your users interact with your website.

Take the examples below. A simple triangle looks like an arrow telling us exactly what we should do on the website vs. having to figure out what to do next on our own. Both websites look amazing! But one will literally lead more conversions on your website by drawing your user’s eye to the right place.

Use short contact and lead generation forms

Now once you’ve gotten your user’s eyes exactly where you want them. Don’t discourage a conversion or purchase with a long and lengthy form! I promise you don’t need to know their date of birth, blood type or favorite pizza flavor. Just ask the important questions; name, phone number, email address. That will give you enough information to follow up to get answers to those other questions later.

The more work you make it for customers to get what they want, the less likely they are going to do it. Just remember for each form field you add, the more conversions go away.


Now that you have good understanding of how to influence how customers interact with your website I’d like to offer you a free website website audit to give you advise on how to convert more of your customers! Fill out the form below to get your FREE website design audit.


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