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5 Tips on How to Create Social Media Content

7 . 21 . 2017

Social media is one of those marketing tools that is so often overlooked. Most just don’t think they have the time to manage it or they might not know what to post about. But social media can be one of your best marketing tools. Creating good social media content is a fantastic extension of your brand and can help you stay top of mind with potential customers. Here are 5 tips on how to create social media content.

1. Create and Share Blog Posts

I know this one is fairly obvious and has been a standard in social media content for quite a while. But it’s one of the cheapest and easiest ways to create content for your social media following.
Think about ways you can connect with your audience through your product or service. What are some of the things your customers always ask you? Try to create posts that answer some of those questions and it shouldn’t be hard to get a ton of ideas!

Even this post is answering a huge question I get from my clients all the time which is “What should I post on my social media?”. Having a blog post ready to send out to your customers shows that you really have put in the time to educate them on your product or service.

But if you don’t have time to write most content writers don’t charge much for a short 600-word blog post. They can even help you come up with topics if you need a little boost in inspiration!

2. Share Short But Helpful Tips

You can create nice graphics on free software such as Canva to post quick tips about your products or services. For example, if you are an esthetician or skin care spa owner, you can share out a post about how your services can help reduce eczema or dry cracked skin. Or if you sell skincare products you can show the product and tell potential customers what skin problems that product will help with.

Think about what your products can do to help people with problems they have. Using a graphic will capture their attention more than just a text-based post. Remember most people don’t want to buy things they don’t need, so it’s up to you to educate them on why they need your product.

3. Share Video and Live Broadcasts

Video doesn’t have to be complex or even professionally created anymore. With just the cell phone in your pocket, you have all the tools you need to create exciting and informative videos for your social media.

Video creates an extra layer of authenticity to your brand. Being able to see you and your personality allows potential customers to fall in love with you and what you have to offer.
Try a live stream Q & A. Live streaming creates excitement and intrigue. People are more likely to watch you when they know they can ask questions that you can answer right now.

4. Share News and Updates

Are you going to a convention? Or even out to coffee with a new client. Post about it! Post pictures and updates about what’s going on in your daily life. This also adds authenticity and keeps everyone in the know about what’s going on with your company. This can also help you come up with content for your email newsletters, which is another great way to keep your business top of mind.

There’s nothing more concerning to a potential customer than a company with a stagnant social media presence. Sharing little updates about what you are doing helps keep your profile fresh and exciting.

5. Ask Conversation Starting Questions and Polls

Get your audience involved with your content by asking them a conversation-starting question. Ask them what they think about your products or services. Have them take a poll to help you gain insight into your audience and their needs.

And of course, make sure to be involved and active on these types of posts. Respond to answers and feedback you get from people and even get them involved in a deeper conversation.

Bonus! Check out this article from Caseo for more content ideas.



All-in-all it’s all about variety. Once you find a variety of things to post that work for your business, it will be easier to come up with content for your profiles. And as always if you are still in need of help with your social media please feel free to fill out the form below to receive a FREE social media consultation.

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