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3 Ways You Can Improve Click Rate on Your Email Marketing

5 . 29 . 2017

If you are like most new entrepreneurs your probably using one of the cheapest and easiest ways to market your business, email marketing. But are you getting poor results from your email campaigns? Do you have a large list of leads but they just don’t seem to click or even open your emails? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions then I’m sure you are looking to improve click rate on your email marketing.

There are many reasons why an email campaign is successful and effective at getting you clients vs no response at all.

Here are 3 tips to improve click rate on your email marketing.

1. Don’t use a “spammy” subject line

You’ve won (insert random expensive item here)
We’ve all seen this subject line before and most of the time it gets tossed away to our trash folder without a second glance. Why? Because 9 times out of 10 an email with a subject line with the words “you’ve won” or “you could win” are spam emails that tend to carry viruses or are the gateway for hackers to get into your inbox.

Of course you don’t want your email to look like a virus to consumers so avoid language that conveys the person has won something or could win something.  If you are trying to promote a contest with a prize. Let’s say if you want to give out an incentive for people to make appointments, instead of talking about the incentive in the subject line talk about it in the header of your email.

For example: I want to give out a $50 gift card to every person who makes an appointment.

A good subject line would be, “Still hesitating to schedule an appointment?”
A bad subject line would be, “You could win a $50 dollar gift card right now!”

The good subject line adds a bit of mystery by asking a question which gets the reader curious about what might be in the email. The bad subject line gives everything away before they even open the email and also makes your email seem like a scam.

2. Create a clear call-to-action

Sometimes companies will send out emails just to show new products or to show all the sales they have going on. These emails may or may not be effective as they are not giving the audience a specific action to take.

To explain I’ll use the $50 gift card scenario.
When a person looks at your email, right away they should be able to know the what and the why.

What? We want you to make an appointment with a Tiffany Cox design professional.
Why? You will get a $50 gift card.

You want to get straight to that point. All too often companies will have multiple calls to action see the examples below.

Improve Click Rate on Your Email Marketing


What not to do

This e-mail is a great example of what not to do for effective email marketing. This kind of format overwhelms the viewer and more often then not they won’t click anything, they may click on the first call to action but they aren’t going to read through all the headlines to see which one appeals to them. This would be one of the emails most people will send straight to the trash folder.

Improve Click Rate on Your Email Marketing


What you should do instead

This is an example of a clear call to action and will be much more effective than multiple calls to action. Just because you have multiple items on sale at the same time, doesn’t mean you need to include them all in one email. Make sure your email is focused and clear about what you’d like the reader to do.

3. Don’t use too many buttons

How many times have you gotten an email and not know where to click or why? These emails tend to be far to common and I usually see them in emails that are described as newsletters. However having a lot of links on a newsletter is just fine because you aren’t really trying to get action from your viewers. Having too many links and buttons on a sales email though is not the best idea.

When a viewer is looking at an email you have a split second to catch their attention, if you have too much going on they may get overwhelmed because let’s face it none of us have time for that!

One of the biggest offenders is social media links. Now I know what you’re thinking, but what if I want them to like my Facebook page and follow me on twitter? That’s fine and you should give them that option but keep it to the bottom of the email so they can clearly see your real message first. And if they like what you have to say they now have your resources to share with others. You wouldn’t ask someone to purchase your product without knowing what it is first, and you wouldn’t ask them to like your page before they know what you’re all about.

Remember email marketing is all about simplicity. Give your readers the simplest path to get them what they want from you and you’ll see the conversions on your emails soar!

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